Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 3 - Introduction to Discrimination and Privilege


The day began with the formulation of a community agreement to facilitate the communication process between the participants. The expert, Tarek Naguib, introduced the topic of discrimination and the participants were asked to explore instances of discrimination that they experienced as a victim, as a perpetrator, as an observer who could not act and an observer who could act. Then, in small groups, they presented two of these situations and were asked to explain to the other participants, why these situations were discriminating according to them. The participants shared a number of examples of discrimination in the plenary, such as sexist language, sexist laws, homophobic behaviour in schools, sexism and racism in the provision of services. In the afternoon there were exercises that focussed on the privileges that our identities give us. 

Later the SWOT Analysis approach was introduced and partipants were divided into groups with the task to analyse their geographical region or common issues. 

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