Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 5 - Open Space Technology & Plenary Session


The working method introduced today was Open Space Technology, which is is a workshop design tool to use when situations include a diverse group of people who must deal with complex, and potentially conflicting material in innovative and productive ways. The method follows four basic principles: 
Who ever comes is the right person;
Whatever happens is all that could have;
Whenever it starts is the right time;
When it is over, it is over.

This method allows the participants to move from one discussion to the other whenever they feel that they have given and received enough to that discussion. Participants could move about, lending their knowledge and variey to the discussions available. 

A number of issues were suggested by the participants and were eventually discussed through the Open Space method. These included the showing of a number of movies of LGBTQ realities in different countries which were followed by further discussions on these experiences. Discussions on transgender issues, feminism, ableism and caucuses.

In the afternoon session, we began with the plenary of the Open Space Technology. This developed into a discussion of constructive criticism of how intercultural and anti-racist activities should be approached and how structures can replicate oppression.

The evening ended with some participants taking part in a few games of table soccer, billiards and table tennis, as part of the "Out Games Preview"!

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