Monday, February 23, 2009

Welcome Evening

A Strassy Sunday afternoon and participants starting to arrive. Some have gone through a rather long trip to get to this study session, while a few others made their way here with a few hours of journey. In the meantime, the prep team was busy making the final preparations for the welcome evening, which included a meaningful performance and a few get-to-know each other games for our dear participants. 

After settling in their respective rooms at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg, the participants got to the registration desk and eventfully made their way to the plenary for the welcome evening activities. The prep team welcomed the participants with a hands-on performance with Gloria Gaynor's "I am What I am" in the background.

After the glamorous show, some get-to-know each other games were introduced, and the participants had the difficult task to say each others' names along with replicating the movement made by all the previous participants. This was quite tricky, but our dear participants were able to remember both the names and the movement, making it a successful exercise to remember each others' names. Moving on to another exercise, the participants had to take an amount of toilet paper blocks and eventually disclose some information about themselves to the group to help in the group cohesion and understanding. We then moved into some informal networking aided by Bingo sheets which ask participants to collect information about each other. And finally, the evening ended with some music and drinks until the night faded away.


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